Campus Networks


Enterprise LAN

Today's corporate enterprises require a solution that intelligently joins voice and data traffic running in the same infrastructure. A corporate network normally have a mission-critical business communications (data and voice) across the enterprise. Failure is not an option and simply bumping up your bandwidth won’t fix it. Maximize the performance of your network, and the productivity of people working on it, with our expertise.

With a fully-managed Network infrastructure, you can achieve unprecedented application performance, flexibility, and resiliency. An optimized network enhances reliability and performance of all the applications that rely on connectivity – from conferencing and voice, to video and email – through a highly customized Quality of Service (QoS) settings we adjust.


WAN-Network Management

Each Network is designed based on a few critical assumptions, weather an uplink configured with an IPsec tunnel or Layer2/Layer3 MPLS VPN connection, L2 VPLS or dual carrier connection. Furthermore, customers expect the highest standard of WAN network support by considering their specific business needs and taking measures to ensure security and operational stability.

Based on customer's network expectation and requirement, SPLENET can help you define the right criteria that suits your Network, this includes, WAN design topology,  The level of security against your provider, Traffic types, affordable bandwidth, Reliability and performance characteristics expected and so on.