Check out our outsourcing services 


Complete Outsourcing


Would you like to outsource all your IT activities?

We are able to manage your Network in terms of implementing, operating and maintaining the various activities involved from technical point of view.

Complete outsourcing will provide you cash generation when SPLENET buy the assets for you. allowing you to deal with a single vendor through us, which entails lower vendor management costs. 

Selective Outsourcing


Are you  willing to maintain full control of your IT activity while evaluating our expertise on site?

Do you need support in a specific IT function in your area in order to achieve targeted cost savings and improving service levels?

 Selective outsourcing allow you to retain operational level progress and information visibility inside your organization while providing you access to skilled sets that may not possessed by your staff members.

Remote Outsourcing


Do you seek a maintenance contract for your Network with IT Professionals? 

24×7 team who will maintain your Network health, stability and reliability around the clock, Someone who perform software upgrades to your equipment regularly and ensure to handle new vulnerabilities in time? 

Are you willing to receive a weekly report with all necessary activities done in your Network?

You can hire our high quality IT support team remotely. We have the resources to start working for a fraction of the cost of hiring a team on site.

Instead of worrying about skilling up your current IT professionals or dealing with IT problems yourself, you can pass the tasks off to our professionals and focus on your business much more.