Server & Storage

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High-end servers are the right choice if your business depends on fast-paced network processes. A dedicated server can accommodate your growing business needs. You can decide your own server configuration. As your business grows, you can add more or modify existing services and applications. You remain more flexible when new opportunities arise or unexpected markets materialize.

High-End servers are top-of-the-line in quality, improved Reliability and Performance. Reliability is one of the benefits of exclusivity so that you get peak performance also in peak hours. Furthermore, reliability also means that server crashes are far less likely. Your Business has the extra resources during periods of high-volume traffic. 

Servers can also provide security through data separation where dedicated servers permit access only to your company. Contact our expertise to advise you with the most powerful and fast business servers that match your business and budget needs.



Businesses across the globe continue to see an exponential increase in the vast amounts of data they produce. That trend is only going up. How you use, maximize, and optimize your oceans of data will continue to play a pivotal role in your business. Historically, computer storage hasn’t always been top-of-mind in the world of IT. But the success of your business lies within your storage strategy. You wouldn’t want to build your new office or factory on a weak foundation, would you? The foundation must be secure, rock solid, and consist of the most reliable components. The same goes for your storage. Storage is the critical foundation for your cloud and data center environments. In short, the foundation of your business.

In SPLENET, we provide data storage systems from various market leaders who proved big influence in the storage market. They're the go-to vendors for businesses that are looking to deploy storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS) technologies, and increasingly, hybrid cloud storage solution.