WLAN Networks

Wi-Fi Solution

A robust and stable wireless network takes more than just distributing access points. External factors plays a major role in signal quality. Environment, building construction materials, Bluetooth and cordless phones are only a few of things that can impact the correct operational quality of your Wi-Fi.

It is mandatory therefore to perform an accurate site survey at the beginning and after deployment. This gives the opportunity to test on site in order to assure the best possible Wi-Fi service. This upfront investment together with SPLENET expertise will lead to a lower total cost of ownership in the long term.

We are not only designing and implementing but also optimizing and managing your Wi-Fi components in an efficient manner. Centralized management , Indoor and outdoor coverage and optimization of Voice traffic over Wi-Fi are some of the things we consider before going live.

Do you have guests that needs different Wi-Fi access than your employees? 

No Problem, we implement your guest and private network simultaneously within the same hardware and with the settings that best match your business nature.